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                                   Report on Paryatan Parv
                Parytatn parv was celebrated in JNV Bijapur to create awareness about the importance of tourism and to encourage the students to visit various tourist destinations of our country through a plethora of activities.

On 17th September 2018 Principal highlighted some of the most splendid places of India, captivating natural beauty from Kashmir to Kanyakumari , Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat, unprecedented grandeur of historical monuments , popular tourist destinations of India through video clippings. Students were entranced at the wonder and striking beauty of India. She also reiterated the objectives of conducting  activities related to tourism

On 25th a colourful assembly program was organised depicting the message “Dekho Apna Desh” to ignite the fire to visit the mesmerizing places of our mother land under the guidance of Smt.V.N.Shetty PGT English, Shri. B.R.Ganesh TGT Kannada and Smt. Vidyavati  TGT Social Science. Students  had presented themselves with the attire of Karnataka Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, Gujarat, Rajasthan, U.P. and Punjab and narrated the rich culture, tradition, art, architecture, music, dance, languages, food habits and tourist places of these states. The costumes and the adorned ornaments are inspiring. Every one soaked in the elegant beauty and witnessed the vivid culture of different states of India.
They took us to the iconic Taj Mahal,  stay in houseboats in Kashmir, spiritual essence of Varanasi, golden temple in Amritsar and Goa beaches.     
            On 26th essay writing competition for senior was conducted on the topic “Environmentally sustainable tourism“wherein 25 students had participated.
  On 27th Shri. C. Chandrasekhar, Vice Principal gave an elaborate talk on “Tourism brings economic prosperity”. He stated that tourism generates many more jobs and brings new revenue. Slogan writing competition was conducted on the topic “Education and tourism” .
            On 28th Mr.A.K Singh PGT Geo. focused on the principle of Athithi Devo Bhav which is part of our culture and also described the cultural plurality of India. Painting competition was conducted on the topic “environmentally sustainable tourism” .
            All these activities provided unique opportunity to the students to explore and experience the  incredible India, get connected with its vibrant cultural diversity and able to integrate tourism in the process of learning .