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Migration of students for National Integration:

  One of the main features of Navodaya Vidyalaya Scheme is the Scheme of exchange of students from one navodaya Vidyalaya in a particular linguistic region to another vidyalaya in different linguistic region to promote understanding of the diversity and plurality of India culture and people. According to the scheme 30% of the students from one navodaya Vidyalaya are migrated to another Navodaya Vidyalaya at class IX level for a period of one year.

The students of JNV Almatti are migrated to JNV Kanpur (U.P) under this scheme. The students to be migrated to JNV Kanpur are selected by the Deputy Commissioner , Bijapur District , the Chairman of Vidyalaya, on the basis of students voluntary willingness and by a lottery in presence of parents of IX class students where sufficient number is not forth coming on Voluntary basis . For the academic year 2017-18 , 23 students are migrated to JNV Kanpur and the same number is migrated to JNV Bijapur from JNV Kanpur.