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Report of Seed Ball Programme

             JNV Almatti in collaboration with the department of forest, along with community participation launched a massive movement “Seed Ball” on 25th June 2017 to protect and preserve environment and assuage the global warming. The programme began with the Invocation followed by the auspicious lighting the lamp by the dignitaries. Shri. Sivakumar K.B. hon’ble Deputy commissioner,Bijapur was the president of the function .Shri. K.V.naik DFO, Shri. Kallolikar DFO, Shri. Choragashti, Tahsildar Baswana Bagewadi, Shri N.K.Bagayath ACF, and Shri. Shrikant B.Pol RFO were the other dignitaries on the dias .Smt.C.Ammal, Principal extended a warm welcome to the dignitaries and everyone present there.
            Smt.S.G.Ambekar and Shri. P.D.Shah, co-coordinators of the programme threw light in detail the disastrous condition of our earth, the looming threat  to our very existence that has led to this innovation “seed ball”  . She also explained about the training at JNV shimago, target of preparing one lakh seed balls, how the mission was carried out in the vidyalaya, extending this training to the neighbouring schools. She appealed everyone to be a part of this “Pilot project”. Oath was administered by kum. Aishwarya of class IX and was followed by everyone to convert the seed ball into people’s movement.
            Along with preparation of seed ball, children have come out with their experience in the form of poetry, story and painting. Hon’ble Deputy commissioner released the magazine “Rays” a collection of these creative work. Master Dayanand I.T. , Master Veeresh P.W. , Master Akash Y.L. Master Veeresh N.P. kum. Shambhavi G.C.,Kumari Kavya J.N.recited their self composed poems. The group song “Vriksha Lagao”by the vidyalaya choir fascinated the audience. In his presidential address Shri. Sivakumar K.B. hon’ble Deputy Commissioner congratulated each and every member of JNV Almatti for this new venture, a step to preserve the environment. He stated that the huge damage that we have done to the nature is to be repaired. If the present state continues, the days may not be far away we are forced to purchase the oxygen enriched air. He appealed the children, the future citizens to continue this effort
            Thimportant segment of the programme was the procession and sowing the seed balls. After sowing the seeds by the dignitaries, officials of forest dept, students and staff in JNV campus they marched in procession and sowed 5000 seed balls in the open, empty land of Almatti.
            The programme culminated with the commitment “Save Earth ”and engraved indelible mark in the minds of the future citizens and the community members for co-existence with flora and fauna to save this blue planet with its own beauty.